Support the Private Local Manufacturers to create a healthy economic environment – Gov’t Urged

CEO of ANAPAT CHOICE ENTERPRISE in Accra, Madam Anastasia Acquah has urged the government to support the private Local Manufacturers financially to create a healthy economic environment.

According to her, she has observed that Ghana’s economy will continue to perform poorly and be unfavorable mostly to the rural people until they commit to providing the needed support for the private sector local manufacturers which employs the majority of the youth.

According to her, it is not enough for government to keep on encouraging young people, especially graduates to venture into entrepreneurship without any dedicated financial support.

Madam Anastasia Acquah is the CEO of ANAPAT CHOICE ENTERPRISE a local Entrepreneur and a manufacturer who produces Liquid soap, Toilet seat spray, Toilet bowl cleaner, Rubbing Alcohol, Hand Sanitizer, Thick Bleach, and Concentrated Disinfectant was the winner of the 2021 Young Manufacturering Entrepreneur of the year. She is into informal training of household chemicals production and also a medium-scale household Disinfectant and cleaning products with two workers in 2018, but now has many more active workers who produce an average of 350 each of the above-mentioned products daily.

Madam Anastasia Acquah made the statement in an interview with Angel TV reporter Opanyin Darko when she won the Overall Manufacturering Entrepreneur of the year 2021 in Accra last week,
She consequently recommended the institution of a financial support scheme for young entrepreneurs and women in the industry from the hinterlands since most of them lacked access to funds.
However, Madam Anastasia Acquah was thankful to Young Entrepreneurs Awards organizers for the precious award and recognition in the manufacturing industry.

The award-winning manufacturer said the major challenge facing her industry and others in the private sector funds to get more equipment and raw materials.

“We need more advanced equipment to increase our supply chain which will further translate into an expansion of company thereby create more job opportunities for the Ghanaian youth as well as women who have mostly engaged themselves in social vices such as armed robbery, scamming as well as vigilantism among others,” the Accra -based entrepreneur stated.
People should be encouraged to patronize locally manufactured household chemicals registered by the appropriate regulatory bodies in Ghana.

She added that the private sector local manufacturers have a lot to offer in fixing the economy hence the need to take a second look at directing support to the people who really needed it rather than the big well-established.



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