COVID-19: Trotro, taxis barred from travelling to locked-down areas

The President, Nana Akufo-Addo has announced that no private or commercial vehicle (Trotro) will be allowed to travel to or from the areas earmarked for the two-week lockdown due to the spread of COVID-19.

In announcing the partial lockdown in parts of Accra, Tema and Kumasi on Friday night, the President directed that intercity travel in these areas would be restricted to the transport of only essential services.

“There shall be, during this period, no inter-city movement of vehicles and aircraft for private or commercial purposes for the areas of the restrictive measures, except for vehicles and aircrafts providing essential services and those carrying cargo,” he said. 

Commercial transport within the affected cities will be allowed to continue but with a few restrictions to improve their safety.

President Akufo-Addo directed taxi and trotro drivers to reduce the number of passengers they service per trip, in order to comply with the prescribed social distancing protocols.

“All intra-city passenger vehicles, such as trotros and taxis, must reduce the number of passengers in order to observe appropriate social distancing and hygiene protocols. 

“Additionally, all commercial vehicle stations shall observe appropriate hygiene protocols and social distancing. The Ministry of Transport has engaged the transport operators and unions in this regard,” he said.

One major concern that has been raised by sections of the public in response to the government’s initial announcement of social distancing measures was the limited space in most commercial vehicles, making it virtually impossible to practise it.

The President also stated that all motorbike riders are barred from carrying passengers, basically halting the activities of ‘Okada’ riders in these areas for the period.

“Riders of motorbikes are not allowed to carry any additional person,” the President said in his address.

The areas to be affected by Monday’s lockdown include the GAMA areas including Kasoa, Tema and Kumasi.

The imposition of stricter restrictions on movement comes in the wake of the announcement of Ghana’s fourth death from the novel coronavirus.

Additionally, the country has recorded 137 cases of the disease in total in just a fortnight, although two people have made full recoveries.

The disease has ravaged most parts of the world as well with almost half a million cases reported and over 20,000 deaths confirmed.

Source: Citinewsroom / SOKY TV 


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