December 9, 2022

The Managing Director of the Ghana Airports Company Limited, Mr John Dekyem Attafuah has announced that the newly constructed Terminal 3 of the Kotoka International Airport will become fully operational on September 15 ahead of its official inauguration by President Akufo-Addo on October 2.

Briefing the press moments after guiding the Minister of Aviation, Mr Joseph Kofi Adda on a tour of the terminal on Friday (September 7), Mr Attafuah said the project which cost $275 million, is ready for use after being tested in about 36 simulations.

He said: “For some of us, we even have forgotten that it’s a new terminal because of all the prior tests that we conducted. We have had about 36 simulations so far and so for us it’s like second nature now.

“Last Monday we started live flights from this airport, we had four flights on Monday, four airlines used here but for Emirates, for example, they came in went to Abidjan and came back in. So that’s what we have and today We have had our first arrivals to this terminal and so far all our systems have worked as we had expected and we are very confident that come the 15th of September, we should not have any problems and challenges,” Mr Attafuah added.

He further disclosed that Terminal 2 will now be used for domestic flights.

Minister’s assessment of Terminal 3

Mr Adda in his assessment after the tour described Terminal 3 as a ‘top class’ facility comparable to the best terminals in airports across the world.

The Minister also charged all staff of the GACL and users of the terminal to ensure that the maintenance manuals of the facility were adhered to.

He said: “We have seen Terminal 3 before it’s been commissioned. I am sure, it speaks for itself. What we see is top class comparable to any terminal that you will find anywhere in the world. Professionally done, neat, things well organised, the markings are there in terms of where to go to get whatever service…

“I think it’s up to us as Ghanaians, especially when we come here to also maintain that decorum and make sure that everything we are doing is top class. Everything is professionally done”.

Source: Graphic Online

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